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joefunny on March 17, 2013 wrote:

Best mofo to follow if you’re looking to track the market. His analysis will rock you and your bank account without worrying you about white collar prison. Who needs a shady hedge fund manager facing federal charges when PG can give you solid and legal info. His low prices are a crime, he should charge more. Spot on calls.

Anonymous on March 14, 2013 wrote:

I have been trading for over 20 years and by far this is the best site I have ever used!! Although sometimes the timing is off, PG is unbelievable w/ his calls!!! Unfortunately we have to deal w/ the fed and the bankers manipulating the markets…FRAUD, but pg still prevails!! Sometimes he takes a beating when his timing is off and I just hope this doesn’t change the way he does business. (As of lately we have been getting fewer and fewer market calls.) Thanks to everyone who helps support this site and GLTA!

JackNersesian on March 12, 2013 wrote:

Trading Devices is an excellent place for learning how to read charts and understand the market. Not everything is timed precisely, but many targets are hit accurately. The best part about this blog is that it is a very interactive community with the professional directly speaking to all the members. There are many updates throughout the day, and you can count on almost all questions being answered. The purpose of this blog is for you to learn the technicals of the market and how it works. That alone is worth your money.

moneymakeraddict on March 11, 2013 wrote:

This is a great blog to learn and make good trading decisions. Highly knowledgeable moderators (Rbot2, JimmyZ and PG) share their objective views on market fluctuation with supporting technical charts and analysis in a professional setting without the noise of a message board for a nominal affordable fee. Great valuable information provided and with more attention and care for personal questions in a timely manner. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone regardless of their trading experience.

retirefire on March 10, 2013 wrote:

I have followed PG for some time now; first on Yahoo and currently on his blog. Not being a fan of technical analysis, I was drawn to PG’s uncanny ability to predict market movement with regularity. He has made me a believer and opened my eyes to this method of analyzing the market. He has complete control of technical tools along with analysis of an array of technical indicators. If that weren’t enough PG also has two other contributors on his blog, Jimmy Z and Rbot2. JimmyZ uses a different method of technical analysis and also offers strategy for investing. Rbot’s analysis would be eye opening for the most seasoned technical trader. For the price, I can’t think of any other tool available for market analysis, help with investing or for someone who wants to learn and just paper trades for now. I have, and continue to recommend this service as an adjunct for making decisions about investing.

hstalee on March 8, 2013 wrote:

Upon joining Trading Devices premium service, I’ve received many charts suggesting bear/bull prospectives from 3 chartists, PG, Rbot2, and JimmyZ, and others. Included were charts of AAPL, BIDU, FB, GOOG, TZA, VIX, SPX and others. AAPL and BIDU have been outstanding with their accuracy.

Comradeship of sort, takes place everyday with fellow bloggers. Questions are usually answered by PG, Rbot2 or Jimmy Z.., making it less of a mystery of why markets act technically the way that they do daily/weekly….It is your choice whether to trade bull/bear as the suggested charts are provided both ways….

Caution must be taken do the skewed market action due to the Feds intervention, sometimes there are false indications do to these unusual times….

ratandrea on March 6, 2013 wrote:

Darek, I think your blog is great. It took me awhile to get the hang of it all and to realize that it takes time for things to play out. In my mind, I always anticipated things unfolding the next day as opposed to over the next several days or weeks or months. Now I realize there is a flow to it all. I think the blog is fantastic for novices to intermediate level traders on to professional traders. It’s got a little something for everyone, and the contributors are great too. I learn from your interactions with others on the board. Your charts are very detailed, and nowhere else have I found a site where the chartist takes so much into consideration as you do. You look at an incredible amount of indicators.

starky on March 6, 2013 wrote:

IMO PG’s calls/charts on Apple, Google, and GS have been excellent. Also posts provided by Rbot, JimmyZ etc. have given me other viewpoints and plenty of information regarding trading tactics, charts, etc.

dgrim on March 6, 2013 wrote:

I have been involved with the blog since it opened, I must say the charts published and information provided is a great learning tool. You will learn waves/counts/divergences/trends. As for making money, the individual stock charts posted by PG showing possible wave counts and direction is the best I have seen anywhere. SPX chart’s and market direction from PG however has been the complete opposite, whatever magic PG has for charting individual stocks certainly doesn’t carry over to market direction. There are other contributors to the Blog, Jimmy Z and Rbot2 that have been very successful in giving good market direction. Overall, if you use the charts provided and rely on more than one contributors opinion, you can make successful trades. I would recommend joining and follow the blog for 2 months before placing any recommended trades, by doing this you will quickly learn what is speculation vs reality.

spxtrader on March 6, 2013 wrote:

Even though I am a swing trader and it does not matter to me if this blog is bull or bear but I would love to see this blog converted to bull blog. Studies have shown that on average an optimist will have a longer, healthier and a more fulfilled life than a pessimist. I know PG will say that he is not perma-bull or perma-bear but we all know he is a bear if not a perma-bear. PG’s charts give us great guidance which way market will move but his negative direction does not help when rest of the traders/blogs are going with the market trend. The people on this board could have made a lot of money if he was not fighting the trend. I am hoping PG will take this as a positive critic and help us make money, after all that’s why we have signed up on his blog. Thank you PG.

Emorris84 on March 6, 2013 wrote:

My brother is one of your members and has been using your site for a while now. I trade AAPL and GOOG and he pointed me to your charts. I looked at 4 months ago and again this past week and was able to make 22k from your AAPL charts. $40/month is well worth it.

fasttrader on June 6, 2012 wrote:

PG your calls are ……like GOLD. Thanks for everything please let me know how can i help with your blog.

stock1 on June 6, 2012 wrote:

PG on fire, thank you

worldwidefan on June 14, 2012 wrote:

Although I don’t comment much (I am no technical whiz) I very much enjoy reading PG and JimmyZ’s comments and use them as a guide for my trading activities. The comments of everyone help to open my eyes to different perspectives and ways of looking analytically from different angles, without the bashing that was so intolerable on yahoo.

Lxu0077 on June 15, 2012 wrote:

By far this is one of most useful sites that I visit daily.