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PG’s Philosophy


Aequitas sequitur legem

Justice follows the law

Alienius dolus non nocere Alteria overdraft

No one should impose someone else’s trick

Actor sequitur forum rei

plaintiff goes to court (responsible for) the defendant

Audiatur et altra pars

need to hear the other hand,


Bis de eadem re agi non Potesta

can not sue twice for the same


FACIT legem Consensus

Agreement creates a right

Cum in verbis ambiguitas nulla est, non debit admitti voluntatis quaestio

in words when there is no ambiguity, no questions will be raised

Poena Cogitationis patitur Nemo

Nobody was punished for his thoughts


Delicta Parentium liberis non nocent

Unlawful acts not charged to the parents of children

Dura lex sed lex

hard right but right


Ei qui incumbit probatio dicit, non qui Negate

The burden of proof rests on he who says, not on who denies


Favorabiliores rei potius quam actores habentur

Enjoy enhanced (a situation of process) are defendants than plaintiffs

Auxilium legis Frustra quaerit, qui legem committit in

vain looking for support in the law the person who raped them


Glut quod non FACIT overdraft Facer, Adversus ea videtur Facer, quia non FACIT

If someone does not make what should be done, it is believed that doing the opposite, because it makes


Ignorantia iuris Noceta, ignorantia FACIT non Noceta

harms Ignorance of the law, ignorance of the fact does not matter

Impossibilium nulla est obligatio

no liability if the (provision) is impossible

Benefit of the doubt

if in doubt (to be decided) in favor of the defendant

Est nisi Incivile tota PERSPECTA lege una aliqua particule eius proposita iudicare aka responder

is incorrectly issuing a judgment or legal opinion without considering all of the Act on the basis of one of its passage


Lex posterior derogat priori

later repeals the Act

Lex retro non agit

Act is not retroactive

Legem bonam a little nulla alia divider rule nisi naturae possumus

good right from wrong, we can distinguish between a measure of the laws of nature

Legem breve esse oportet

law should be brief

Leges intellegi debent ab omnibus

Act should be understood by all


Male jure nostro non debemus uti

bad we should not use (exercise for us) the right


Nullum crimen sine lege

There is no crime without legal justification

Nulla poena sine lege

no punishment without law provision

Non bis in idem

should not punish anybody for the second time for the same


Qui habet commode, ferre overdraft ONERA

Who has the advantage, should bear the burden

Nullum quod est, nullum producit effectum

What is the matter, will have no impact

Omnis conventio FACIT jus inter partes

Any contract created by law between the parties


Pacta sunt servanda

Agreements, observe

Prius quam ne exaudias iudices

Do not judge before you hear

Prior tempore, potior jure

priority in time gives a better law


Reformatio in pejus iudici appellato non licet

Judge hearing the appeal may not alter (appeal) against (appellant)

Res judicata pro veritate accipitur

Settlement court accepted as true

Reus est actor exception in

the plea of the defendant becomes the reason for the process


Si in ius vocat Ito

who was summoned before the court let him appear

FACIT Sententia ius inter parte

judgment creates a right between the parties

Salus populi suprema lex Often,

let him be the good of the Republic of the supreme law


Ubi lex, ibi poena

Where is the law, there is, and punishment

Ultra posse nemo obligatur

Nobody is obliged to do more than can


Vim vi repellere licet

not repel force by force

Volenti non fit injuria

, that is not wishing to hurt

Venir contra factum proprium nemini licet

Do not act against it, as a result of his acts