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12/31 3:00pm EST

Dow Jones


12/31 3:00pm EST

S&P 500


12/31 3:00pm EST

XIV-updated 8-15-2015

XIV 8-15-2015

DUST- 60 min

DUST 60 min 7-30-2015

GOOG ( old vs current chart) for Biduinvestor

goog   oldgoog new

SPX- Afternoon update

spx W afternoon

SPX- Wednesday morning update

spx W morning

USD- old (11-8-2014)vs current chart(3-7-2015)

USD 11-8-2014USD 3-7-2015

GLD/NUGT update

GLD daily 3-1-2015NUGT 60 min 3-1-2015NUGT daily 3-1-2015

XIV- old vs current

xiv 8-13-2014XIV 10-13-2014XIV 1-2-2015


USD 11-8-2014

UGAZ-update ( 10-27-2014)

ugaz daily 10-25-2014UGAZ 60 min 11-2-2014

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