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ugaz daily 10-25-2014UGAZ 60 min 11-2-2014

It is that time of year where I give a special one time discount for memberships. QE is over, volatility has picked up and the season is ripe for investing. This blog is intended as a learning tool. I use the Elliott Wave technical system to predict future market movements in both the up and down directions. Many of the members in this blog have a strategy that involves 2X and 3X ETF’s. These stocks move fast and are intended for day traders and short term investors. They are for more experienced investors. We also follow mega stocks , or stocks of interest on request.
Every investor has their own strategy, they use what works for them. The blog has two experienced guest contributors that add another dimension to the blog with their comments and personalized charts. Learn how to use MacD, Stochastics, NYMO, OBV and Bollinger bands as triggers to enter and sell a stock. Learn the direction of a stock before you place your buy. Remember, you can not buy then hope a stock up. Learn how to get on the right side of a trade.
If you are looking to get rich quick, this blog is NOT for you. If you are looking for entry and exit points on a SPECIFIC stock, we don’t do that either. Entry and exit points are dependent on the individuals strategy. They are similar, yet different and are structured to each individual strategy. If you want to know what to expect as a target price , this blog is for you. If you want to learn the Elliott Wave principals in action, this blog is for you. If you want to learn how to use support charts for entry and exit triggers, you will find this blog an answer to some of your frustrations. If you want to know if a stock has topped or bottomed, or what the target price is, we update on a daily basis. If you want to know what market near term and long term targets are, we give those predictions with updates.We follow a group of ETF’s and Stocks on a daily basis. You will learn from my charts, and from comments along with other members concerns. If you are looking for a structured class, this isn’t it: we follow stocks on an hourly basis. This blog is professional, profanity, name calling are not allowed. It is not a chat forum, and is structured to learn and comments and questions are kept to the daily market activity. The chart above is an example chart. Sometimes some stocks or ETF’s are set up for a perfect play. The chart above was given to members, with a recommendation to buy. Members made enough money on this trade to pay for the one year subscription, and yet pocketed hundreds or thousands of dollars.This is a one time one year offer. The regular price is $40 per month( $480 a year) one year discount offer is $360 ( $30 per month). To sign up please click on link below or contact me vie email. Offer expires on 12/12/2014. There will be price change on month to month membership from $40 to $50

XIV- old vs current 8-13-2014 update

xivxiv 8-13-2014

UGAZ-daily 8-13-2014

ugaz 8-13-2014

FB-update 7-17-2014 ( for topdlr ) include old chart

FB update 60 7-17-2014fb update daily 7-17-2014fb 6-11-2014

DUST- history chart and new chart

dust olddust newdust 6-19-2014

UGAZ-daily updated

ugaz daily 28



GOGO- updated

gogo 5

NUGT- 15 min chart

nugt 15 21

JCP-important( old vs current chart)

jcp d 1-17-2014jcp d 7

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